[CentOS] Merry Christmas ! and a tiny question

Tue Dec 26 08:43:44 UTC 2006
Kari Salovaara <kari.salovaara at pp1.inet.fi>

OK. I was just curious if someone has managed to get newer version of 
Gimp to work under 4.4 with "tricks".
See below some comments of personal life in home office and ...
And in the end a proposal for help.

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> Kari ... that is the difference between CentOS and the "Latest /
> Greatest" installs (like OpenSUSE, Fedora, etc.)
I've FC6 as one of multi boot choices, but I've to boot it always if I 
want to work with some upgraded applications. And then I cannot, at the 
moment, read my emails etc. Mainly I mean, to work with some other 
duties eg. to manage servers etc. This is always the negative side if 
you have many OS in your working desktop machine.

> CentOS is Enterprise ... 

Yes, thanks to You. I'm using it (CentOS) in several servers. I still 
have old Tao in some but quite soon they will be migrated into CentOS. 
I'm just studying all possible methods to diminish incoming spamming and 
how these programs can be updated under normal recommended CentOS 
processes. Also web servers need some development work to be done.
This is the reason why I'm using CentOS as primary OS in my own desktop 
too. I think that several persons are doing like me. This is not a good 
solution if You have to work also with other topics than server 
management. Here is some examples how I've to work, in db development, 
write documents with really good photos, use GIS, do sound analysis etc. 
All these programs develop quite fast and they are sometimes buggy so 
you have to upgrade them frequently.

> Let's assume we upgraded to a new Gimp and it was not compatible in some
> way with the older version.  It might break a process that someone is
> relying on (the reason they installed centos in the first place).
> Gimp 2.0.5 might still be the CentOS-4 version of GIMP in 2012 ...
> seriously.
> Most items do not move up, just get security updates .. that is what
> enterprise linux is about.  Stability.
> As Daniel suggested, distros like Fedora or OpenSUSE (that upgrade every
> 6 months) are good for cutting edge stuff.

OpenSUSE or SUSE, anything related into SUSE is out of my possibilities 
..... Maybe You understand.
Thus I'm using sometimes FC in desktop machines and Mandriva in laptop 
(I don't know why ;-) ).

> When you upgrade Gimp ... you will need a new version of pango ... and
> an upgraded gtk ... means newer gnome ... and soon, you do not have
> CentOS any more.  Most of this stuff is all tied together.  That is just
> how software builds.  You can't run IE7 on Windows 95 either :P 

Thanks. I didn't do analysis into which parts this upgrade has to touch. 
As I mentioned earlier I'm sometimes lazy. I'm sorry.

> Thanks,
> Johnny Hughes

As I mentioned I've to make some new servers quite soon. I could upgrade 
some but it's more convenient and secure to make them clean and install 
new CentOS. That's also the way I hope and don't have to work hard with 
these servers for years. (?)
At then moment I've some problems in privileges in spam protection 
programs, they are working perfectly but need upgrade, but I don't want 
to touch them that I wouldn't destroy anything.
I know that there are guides and Howtos, how to install CentOS but at 
least the mail systems and spamming, php5, MySQL 5 could be taken into 
account. I'm also Typo3 in web servers which needs some other programs etc.
HowtoForge has "The Perfect Setup - CentOS 4.4 (32-bit)" and I would 
like to change something more in there;
- to use Webmin
- spam and spamming protection
- PHP5
- MySQL 5
- add Typo3
- something more ?

My proposal:
Is there 1-2 persons to co-operate with me to produce similar document, 
an example Howto install Centos 5 ? HowtoForge document could be used as 
a framework. As I'm doing the new installations there is a good way to 
get experiences and examples into document.  This document could benefit 
NGOs who don't have the resources to search all information and make 
thus their life easier and more secure.
If there is some interested persons please write to me. Please also tell 
if You have special knowledge of some topics mentioned.

Thanks of the CentOS and thanks of Your patience.

Best regards,
Kari Salovaara
Hanko, Finland