[CentOS] CentOS 4.4 Strange hang on a poweredge 2900.

Tue Dec 26 18:31:04 UTC 2006
Peter Serwe <peter at infostreet.com>

Damon L. Chesser wrote:
> Not answering your question, but I have to ask, what does ifconfig -a 
> do?  I man ifconfig and it does not show an -a switch.  Looked it up 
> on the Internet, still can't find a -a switch.
> It seems like this is a NIC issue or I/O of the MB.  Do you have 
> another NIC you can test it with?
I think that's hilarious about the -a switch.  Perhaps if you typed it 
on the command line you'd see.  :)

For some reason, CentOS 4.4's man page doesn't have the "-a" switch.

Excerpt from man 8 ifconfig under FreeBSD 6.2:
(not relevant per se to CentOS, but documents the flag)

     Optionally, the -a flag may be used instead of an interface name.  This
     flag instructs ifconfig to display information about all interfaces in
     the system.  The -d flag limits this to interfaces that are down, 
and -u
     limits this to interfaces that are up.  When no arguments are given, -a
     is implied.

And output from 'ifconfig --help' on the CentOS 4.4 command line:

    root at cfcu alias# ifconfig --help
    ifconfig [-a] [-i] [-v] [-s] <interface> [[<AF>] <address>]

The very top line of the --help usage guide.  (with no further explanation).

Also, -a is not implied in CentOS's ifconfig, you get more complete output
on a CentOS box with it.
I have to look around for a NIC.  Not being able to use the GB NIC's the 
system came with will be mildy
problematic at best.  I need the I/O throughput, and I don't have any 
spare GB Nic's laying around, although
I do have a dual port Intel I can test with for a few minutes.


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