[CentOS] Yum uses too much resources

Tue Dec 26 18:40:33 UTC 2006
Peter Serwe <peter at infostreet.com>

Jordi Espasa Clofent wrote:
>> Does this happen during the metadata parsing? If so, yes, it is quite
>> resource intensive, especially when you have some large repositories
>> enabled. There is a C metadata parser that is available from the yum 
>> site,
>> that is much faster and lighter. But it requires yum 2.6.2.
> Yes Daniel, it happens especially during the metadata parsing. The 
> trouble is yum is in version 2.4.3.
> The C metadata parser sounds great. I'll try it in future Yum versions.
> I'm not a developer but anybody knows that C is great language in 
> terms of performance.
> ¿Is Yum written totally in Python or I'm wrong?
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Yum's written in python.  python23 in fact.  Which is a bummer because 
we have
this groovy version of python24 we use for our applications and we broke 
installing it and the libxml2 stuff.  We actually recompiled yum 2.6.1 
and everything
it needs to run under our version of python24.  The only message we 
haven't bothered
to straighten out yet is:

Warning, could not load sqlite, falling back to pickle

Which yields a bit of a performance degradation when installing 
packages.  But we did
get yum upgraded and running after about a day of satisfying 
dependencies, a few patches,
and plenty of 'rpmbuild -ba blahblah.spec'.


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