[CentOS] procinfo package

Tue Dec 26 20:05:24 UTC 2006
Jordi Espasa Clofent <jordi.listas at multivia.com>

> It's in 'Testing' not because it's considered unstable, but because
> it's not part of the base distribution and has not had enough feedback
> or demand to be moved into Extras or centosplus. If you use it and it
> works for you, please provide feedback either via email to the
> centos-devel list, or via a tracking bug at bugs.centos.org.
> If it doesn't work for you I'd like to know that as well, with
> information on how to duplicate the problem.
Ok Jim, good explanation.

I've installed it and seems it works fine. Also, is obvious I use lsof 
and procinfo frequently.
As you has said I'll send any feedback about it to CentOS lead team. ;)