[CentOS] creating script for init.d

Tue Dec 26 23:05:31 UTC 2006
Linux Man <linuxman.uru at gmail.com>

well, I have no choice, i'm "trusting" in service iptables save, but at list
my box works!
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2006/12/21, Morten Torstensen <morten at mortent.org>:
> Michael Velez wrote:
> > CentOS 4.4 already has an iptables script. You should start with
> that.  Then
> > add your customized iptables rules from the command line and once you
> have
> > verified them, save them to /etc/sysconfig/iptables with 'service
> iptables
> > save'.  Are you using your old Fedora iptables script?
> I do it differently. I don't trust the "service iptables save" as
> sometimes adding other services will alter the saved data. The Red Hat
> scrips will do that for you to be "helpful".
> The best solution (for me) is to create a completely standalone iptables
> configuration script. Then I just hack the default iptables script to
> run that script instead of loading the saved rules.
> This leads to the minimum amount of intrusion into the Red Hat setup and
> has not given me any problems when upgrading from RH9 via various RHEL,
> Fedora and now to CentOS4.
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