[CentOS] tftp times out

Thu Dec 28 22:39:28 UTC 2006
Alvin Chang <alvin.chang at gmail.com>

Hi Mark:

On 28/12/06, Mark Snyder <mark at jmktdis.com> wrote:
> tftp keeps timing out when I try to transfer files.  I intend to use tftp with G4U to clone

>From my ancient memory when I wrote a tftp client+server many years
ago, my diagnose is that your firewall might be blocking it since tftp
is using udp packets to transfer files with random port numbers.

I'm not sure if there's a iptable plug-in for tftp similar to the
amanda udp plug-in, but I'd just turn off the firewall to test it.

Good luck,

Alvin Chang Yu-Ming