[CentOS] Re: UPS support on CentOS 4.4

Fri Dec 29 04:19:09 UTC 2006
Edward Diener <eldiener at tropicsoft.com>

Aleksandar Milivojevic wrote:
> Edward Diener wrote:
>> I realize that CentOS 4.4 is based on reliability, and not the latest
>> and greatest software out there, but I am wondering what total UPS
>> solution actually exists for it, or for RHEL4 which customers of the
>> latter have used. I can live with apcupsd, and I realize that with an
>> upcoming CentOS 5 there will probably be better compatibility, but I was
>> wondering if there is any other total solution for the time being which
>> anyone else has used. Thanks !
> I do remember there was some kind of web interface for apcupsd.  I even
> had it installed once on Centos 4 box.  Basically, it'll just display
> status of UPS on the web page.  While not the same thing as having a
> tray icon, at least you'll be able to easily check the status of your UPS.

You are right, but this software needs to be manually run for the end 
user to find out what is happening.

What I really want of course is for a visual window to popup whenever 
there are A/C problems, and whenever the A/C has lost power and the UPS 
battery is getting low.

> Not sure if it was part of apcupsd, or something separate.

It is part of apcupsd. I will look at it and see if I can get it going 
in CentOS 4.4. Thanks for reminding me of it.