[CentOS] custom vnc install disk [dnk]

Wed Feb 1 01:33:43 UTC 2006
Matt Hyclak <hyclak at math.ohiou.edu>

On Tue, Jan 31, 2006 at 02:16:32PM -0800, lists enlightened us:
> I edited the file /isolinux/isolinux.cfg
> <snip>
> default linux
> prompt 1
> timeout 1
> display boot.msg
> F1 boot.msg
> F2 options.msg
> F3 general.msg
> F4 param.msg
> F5 rescue.msg
> F7 snake.msg
> label linux
> kernel vmlinuz
> append initrd=initrd.img ramdisk_size=8192 ks=cdrom:/isolinux/ks.cfg
> <snip>
> As you can see i set the time out to happen immediately (hoping ot get it to jump right
> into the install).
> And I added the location to my KS file to the default option.
> Any ideas?

Do you need to bother with kickstart? Just pass the appropriate command line
options to the isolinux bootloader by default, instead of the location of
your KS file.





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