[CentOS] Apache 2.x and php???

Wed Feb 1 19:34:02 UTC 2006
rado <rado at rivers-bend.com>

It seems like everytime I turn around lately, I'm opening up another can
of worms and I sure don't like what I just read.

this book: Setting Up Lamp (Getting Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP
Working Together) Sybex/Wiley ISBN 0-7821-4337-7

Page 197 to quote "Which Version of Apache to Use":
Choosing your Apache version is something that should be taken from the
correct perspective. Apache 1.3 is proven to be stable and, most
importantly, compatible with PHP. Apache 2.0 is stable; however, there
have been multiple problems with PHP compatibility. Making Apache 2.0
and PHP work together is as predictable as flipping a coin. You will
never know for sure whether the configuration will work properly and you
might be faced with in-depth troubleshooting and problem solving trying
to find out why they will not cooperate.
>From our standpoint, we really hope that Apache 2.0 and PHP cooperate
sooner rather than later because the features of Apache 2.0 look very
For this book, we will be going with the tried and true concept and use
the Apache 1.3 series to avoid any heartache you might have due to
different configurations and luck of the draw. ....end of quote...

wow...this book is copyrighted(2004) if that makes any difference. I
sure don't like the idea of going backwards w/Apache, since, although I
don't use php but w/standard xhtml/css it has shown me no problems at
all and I just don't like to even think in terms of doing what they
suggest. But I want to hear from y'all on this. Do y'all find that these
problems between Apache 2.0 and PHP are really that prominent as they
have stated? Or, maybe I am wishful thinking here but I am hoping that
some will reply that they have no problems whatsoever using the 2
together...instead...just go to this website and there is a good
tutorial on this subject. lol

thx in advance,

John Rose