[CentOS] PHP upgrade from 4.3.9 to 4.4.2 or 5.x

Thu Feb 2 09:39:09 UTC 2006
Nigel kendrick <support-lists at petdoctors.co.uk>

Sorry - noob-ish question..

I have been having problems on a CentOS 4.2 server following an upgrade to
the latest version of SugarCRM (segfaults in Apache and some functions not
working). Someone has just posted in the SugarCRM forums that they had
exactly the same problems on CentOS 4.2 and they fixed them by upgrading
from PHP 4.3.9 to 5.0.5. 

Being a more cautious chap, I'd like to try an upgrade to PHP 4.4.2 first
but want to make sure I'm not entering a minefield with PHP as I can't find
a friendly yum update so I would appreciate a heads-up on how best to go
about it without screwing the whole thing up  - I am reading through the
notes on the PHP web site but would appreciate it if someone would outline
exactly what rpms or binaries I need to install and/or compile. Assuming
4.4.2 doesn't fix things I will have to go for 5.0.5 so any advice on this
would be appreciated as the last thing I want to do is lose use of SugarCRM

Thanks in advance.