[CentOS] Update csgfs without breaking things

Fri Feb 3 16:51:28 UTC 2006
Bowie Bailey <Bowie_Bailey at BUC.com>

Now that the csgfs repo has been updated to support the new kernel, I'm
looking at doing updates again.  I just want to do it without breaking
things (if possible).  I can handle doing a bit of trial and error, but I
figure that if you guys can point out any obvious pitfalls, that can save me
quite a bit of time.

I'm looking at doing the following install/update:

 Package                 Arch       Version          Repository        Size
 GFS-kernel-smp          i686       2.6.9-45.0.2.centos4  csgfs
191 k
 cman-kernel-smp         i686       2.6.9-41.0.2.centos4  csgfs
121 k
 dlm-kernel-smp          i686       2.6.9-39.1.2.centos4  csgfs
119 k
 kernel                  i686       2.6.9-22.0.2.EL  update            9.7 M
 kernel-devel            i686       2.6.9-22.0.2.EL  update            3.6 M
 kernel-smp              i686       2.6.9-22.0.2.EL  update            9.4 M
 GFS                     i386       6.1.3-0          csgfs             137 k
 cman                    i686       1.0.4-0          csgfs              27 k
 fence                   i686       1.32.10-0        csgfs              79 k
 magma                   i686       1.0.3-2          csgfs              33 k
 magma-plugins           i386       1.0.5-0          csgfs              16 k

Should I update them all at once like this, or are there any other issues I
should be aware of?