FW: [0AB-0B7CC3DA-E2A7] RE: [CentOS] I appear to be attacking others

Wed Feb 8 17:57:21 UTC 2006
Chris Hammond <chris at tac.esi.net>

Yes, my thread on booting with a usb pen drive garnered 3 of these. :)

>>> jamesg at nucleus.com 02/08/06 4:18 pm >>> 
Im assuming, that because I never filled out a support ticket with these
people that someone else has done so using my email address.  Anyone else
experiencing anything like this?  Or is this normal from the CentOS mailing

The topic in the email is a topic ive responded to on the list, but have not
visited any website to fill in any support requests... If someone is using
my email address for this please don't.


From: Brian Trudeau [mailto:brian.trudeau at eastek- intl.com] 
Sent: February 8, 2006 2:00 PM
To: jamesg at nucleus.com
Subject: re: [0AB- 0B7CC3DA- E2A7] RE: [CentOS] I appear to be attacking

Thank you for submitting a ticket to support. 
Your ticket number is [0AB- 0B7CC3DA- E2A7].

Please keep this ticket number for your records and include it in the
subject (including brackets) of all future emails regarding this issue.

Thank You,

Support Staff

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