[CentOS] Samba Error when using gedit

Thu Feb 9 12:06:10 UTC 2006
Jim Smith <jim_smith2006 at yahoo.com>

Hey dudes,

I've got a centOS 4.2 (clean reinstall) workstation and a Samba mount
in my home directory where "c:\uploads" is a XP Home directory
mounted as ~\uploads in my home directory. The file 'letter9feb.txt'
exists in 'c:\uploads\fd\complaint' which i created  from the smith
box. I cannot save the 'letter9feb.txt' as it says its being used.

Error "Generic error" while copying "/home/smith/.../letter9feb.txt".
(When trying to use Nautilus)

Could not save the file
"/home/smith/uploads/fd/complaint/letter9feb.txt". Could not create a
backup file. (When trying to use gedit)

[smith at jim complaint]$ mv  letter9feb.txt letter9feb.txt~
mv: cannot move `letter9feb.txt' to `letter9feb.txt~': Text file busy

[smith at jim complaint]$ pwd

[smith at jim ~]$ grep samba /var/log/rpmpkgs

[root at jim ~]# service  netfs status
Active SMB mountpoints:

[root at jim ~]# service  netfs restart
Unmounting SMB filesystems:  umount: /home/smith/uploads: device is
Mounting other filesystems:                                [  OK  ]

[root at jim ~]# service  netfs status
Active SMB mountpoints:

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