[CentOS] Entry server hardware

Fri Feb 10 03:26:27 UTC 2006
Isreal Varela <isrealv at gmail.com>


I would like some advice on a SATA RAID controller that is able to work 
in a 32 bit/33mhz PCI slot. I have been looking for a while but all I 
can find is 64 bit cards that cost over $300. I just need it to mirror 2 
drives, and of course work in Centos 4.2.  I am not looking for RAID 5 
or anything like that. All the cards I find that would do this are 

Also, has anyone used the SATA Iomega Rev drive in Centos 4.2? Mine does 
not show up but it works on a default load of Suse 9.3...?

Any help would be great.