[CentOS] Using Webalizer in Webmin

Tue Feb 14 19:46:28 UTC 2006
James Gagnon <jamesg at nucleus.com>

My apologies ahead of time if im off topic for this list. but hopefully
someone knows a simple solution.


I have two domains. lordsofhorde.com and dragunsrealm.ca


In apache I have virtual hosts setup for these domains with a separate
*access_log file in the vhost settings for each domain.  So each domain is
generating its own log file. 

I use webalizer within webmin to check out the excellent graphical reports
of my webserver logs.  I have each logfile setup in webalizer so that I have
two different reports for each domain.  For the most part it works, I do get
two completely separate reports between the two domains.  However, when I
look at the top of the report for both log files it says dragunsrealm.ca at
the top.


Anyone know how I can make it so webalizer reflects the domain of the
logfile/report im looking at?  All the webalizer reports say dragunsrealm.ca
at the top and I would like for webalizer to differentiate each domain
depending on the log report im looking at instead of them all saying


Any ideas?



James G.


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