[CentOS] Sun JVM 1.5 and CentOS latest kernel - regress?

Wed Feb 15 20:45:02 UTC 2006
Alan Sparks <asparks at doublesparks.net>

I've been running a lot of apps with Sun's 1.5.0_03 JVM on CentOS 3.6. 
After the latest kernel update 2.4.21-37.0.1.ELsmp is seems I'm starting
to get hangs.  Just like I used to a year ago on an earlier kernel

It looks like the infamous futex bug:

strace -p 22406
Process 22406 attached - interrupt to quit
futex(0x821be34, FUTEX_WAIT, 15, NULL <unfinished ...>

Anyone out there running the latest kernel and JVM 1.5?  Anyone noticed
any regressions in running Java?  Thanks.

Alan Sparks, UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator    <asparks at doublesparks.net>