READ! [CentOS] port 81? (Yumconf changes)

Thu Feb 16 19:15:22 UTC 2006
Maciej Żenczykowski <maze at>

> Why not - they are the same old mirrors - all that happens is that yum
> gets a lost of local up to date mirrors for the release/repo/arch from the
> mirrorlist server on port 81 - chosen solely so that we can run it on the 
> same server
> as normal apache on port 80.
> If you have fastestmirror plugin enabld yum will then test the mirrors and
> use the fastest local connection.
> The version of yumex that we have at alsouses the same
> mirrorlist system.

Note that using a non-standard port (81) here is an error - many restrictive 
firewalls (or proxies) won't allow such a connection - for example at my Mom's 
work (were I'm now) and my Dad's.  Even though it's an outgoing connection.

Setup apache virtual hosting, add a new dns name, and use apache's proxy module 
to proxy mirrorlister:80 to localhost:81
otherwise this will break for a lot of people.