[CentOS] kernel panic: Assertion failure in __journal_unfile_buffer()

Sat Feb 18 01:04:41 UTC 2006
Ulrik S. Kofod <usk at cybersite.dk>

I was just extracting a 96MB tar file ( tar -xWf backup.tar ), the cpu load was 99%
for a long time. I then stopped it and tried again, but this time this popped up in
my ssh session:

Message from syslogd at rock at Sat Feb 18 00:47:05 2006 ...
rock kernel: Assertion failure in __journal_unfile_buffer() at
fs/jbd/transaction.c:1520: "jh->b_jlist < 9"

A kernel panic dump is displayed on the servers monitor. Here is what I can remember:
Call trace: jurnal_commit_transaction+<something> [jdb]

Is the panic dump stored anywhere?

When I rebooted, the raid set was dirty and it was re-synced, it did not mark a
drive faulty or started using a spare, the raid set still uses the same two disks
and now everything seems normal, except this is the second time it does this.

It is a fresh install of Cent-OS 4.2 from the DVD image and with the latest updates
from yum.

The server has 4 80GB software mirrored IDE disks, 2 + 2 spares, one on each channel
of a HPT374 controller.

I have no idea about what to look for; I have tested the disks many times with the
vendor tools and no errors have been found.