[CentOS] Enabling POP3 on CentOS4 / dovecot

Sat Feb 18 08:42:03 UTC 2006
Bart Schaefer <barton.schaefer at gmail.com>

I'm bringing up a new CentOS 4 machine on my home network.  It's
intended to replace a crufty machine that has been acting as my mail
gateway.  The existing machine does spam and virus filtering, and then
I let my kids get their mail off it with POP3 from another machine on
the home office LAN (so they're not competing with me for the keyboard
when I'm working).

Dovecot starts up an IMAP4 server but not a POP3 server.  Is there a
standard configuration (an RPM I've failed to install?  an
/etc/sysconfig script?  somthing I can "chkconfig on" that I'm just
not seeing?) for enabling POP3 with dovecot on RHEL4/CentOS4?