[CentOS] can't boot from install cd

Mon Feb 20 16:07:02 UTC 2006
Richard Andrews <randrews at transzap.com>

We are migrating from Fermi Labs linux distro to the Centos 3.6 distro.
So far all of the Dell's we have installed on have worked fine but we
have two generic servers that are using Tyan Thunder K7X motherboards
with built in Adaptec Ultra 160 SCSI using AIC7899 chipset. When we try
to install on these systems the install cd seems to lockup loading the
AIC7xxx driver. Adaptec says they do not support OEM embedded products
and Tyan says that any embedded firmware is included in the bios
upgrades which we have upgraded.  

We can migrate "online" by following the White-box to Centos migrate
instructions and that works fine but it worries me that if I lost a hard
drive in one of these systems I could not install Centos directly.

Any suggestions for work arounds?

Rich A.