[CentOS] Install Guide for PostFix (with DoveCot, SquirrelMail, MailScanner, ClamAV) on CentOS-4

Tue Feb 21 02:25:07 UTC 2006
Michael Best <mbest at pendragon.org>

Maciej Żenczykowski wrote:
>> Progam is called "cpanflute2" and perl module is RPM-Specfile,
>> I use version 1.17 and it builds perfectly on CentOS4.
>> cpanflute2 MODULE.tar.gz
> thanks got it to work :)
> just trying to figure out how to get it to end up in vendor_perl and not 
> site_perl, but that's probably not-important...
> Anybody use the following?
> http://rpmpan.sourceforge.net
> Cheers,
> MaZe.

My prefered CPAN RPM tool is cpan2rpm