[CentOS] In over my head -- sorry

Tue Feb 28 00:42:17 UTC 2006
Robert Moskowitz <rgm at htt-consult.com>

I got in over my head.

jpackage was/is too much for me at this time.  Maybe for a long time.

Sorry for diverting your efforts to try and help me.

I only want to run SCALIX CE on this system.  It needs the jdk and 
tomcat.  But if you look:


A number have gotten it running just fine with the 'broken' sun 
stuff.  Perhaps Scalix is not so 'demanding'.

So I am following instructions from above URL.  I did learn a lot 
here, making up for some of the implied steps in the instructions.

Perhaps I will have to do a complete reinstall of Centos to get out 
of the jpackage mess I might be in.

Well I REALLY should learn Kickstart, and perhaps I will do that for 
this system!

Again you are all a great help.

If you need some crypto help.  802.11i or such, that is where I 
'live'.  Well at least I help right the specs.  Someelse has to code them!

Barrs Law of Recursive futility
         If you're smart enough to use one of these....
                 .....you can probably manage without one!