[CentOS] Re: [Offtopic] tinydns -some help needed

Wed Feb 1 16:09:09 UTC 2006
Alexandru E. Ungur <alexandru at globalterrasoft.ro>

>>> sender: "Johnny Hughes" date: "Wed, Feb 01, 2006 at 09:00:26AM -0600" <<<EOQ
> > Bind zone files are an accident waiting to happen. I don't know anyone who
> > uses it who hasn't screwed up the serial number at least once.
> > 
> > djb data files are far simpler, and less likely to go completely horribly
> > wrong if you fat finger something.
> > 
> Probably true ... but bind is the DNS standard ... everything is based
> on it :)
> Using bind (and knowing how to use bind) is the best thing (IMHO) ...
> especially if you do this for a living :)
Hehe... that's quite an argument.

BTW, Windows is the most widespread desktop OS, I assume you are 
using a Windows desktop at home, right? :P After all why would 
anyone use a Linux desktop, as everyone knows is far less 'standard'
and everything is based around Windows... :)
In fact why do you even work on a Linux distro... when you should be
building a Windows distro?!? That'd be cool... CentWos ;)

Hope my humorous intention is clear enough, I respect a lot your and
all the other's work on CentOS. Great job people, even if you're 
working on a less than 'standard' OS, but hey, nobody's perfect... :P
Except Microsoft, right? :D

Have a great day everyone,
and don't forget to use the standard stuff. Just be careful what
standards do you pick ;)

Alex, making a very nice living based on djbware stuff :D