[CentOS] Apache 2.x and php???

Wed Feb 1 20:31:16 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

> Page 197 to quote "Which Version of Apache to Use":
> Choosing your Apache version is something that should be taken from the
> correct perspective. Apache 1.3 is proven to be stable and, most
> importantly, compatible with PHP. Apache 2.0 is stable; however, there
> have been multiple problems with PHP compatibility. Making Apache 2.0
> and PHP work together is as predictable as flipping a coin. You will
> never know for sure whether the configuration will work properly and you
> might be faced with in-depth troubleshooting and problem solving trying
> to find out why they will not cooperate.
> >From our standpoint, we really hope that Apache 2.0 and PHP cooperate
> sooner rather than later because the features of Apache 2.0 look very
> promising.
> For this book, we will be going with the tried and true concept and use
> the Apache 1.3 series to avoid any heartache you might have due to
> different configurations and luck of the draw. ....end of quote...
> wow...this book is copyrighted(2004) if that makes any difference. I
> sure don't like the idea of going backwards w/Apache, since, although I
> don't use php but w/standard xhtml/css it has shown me no problems at
> all and I just don't like to even think in terms of doing what they
> suggest. But I want to hear from y'all on this. Do y'all find that these
> problems between Apache 2.0 and PHP are really that prominent as they
> have stated? Or, maybe I am wishful thinking here but I am hoping that
> some will reply that they have no problems whatsoever using the 2
> together...instead...just go to this website and there is a good
> tutorial on this subject. lol
> thx in advance,

One of our primary portals just crossed 42,000 users, moving about 6GB
of traffic a day on average, all with apache2 and php. 0 problems
attributable to php or apache.