[CentOS] Re: custom vnc install disk [dnk]

Wed Feb 1 23:39:49 UTC 2006
Dustin Krysak <mailinglists at backbonetechnology.com>

Dustin Krysak
Backbone Technology Inc.

On 1-Feb-06, at 3:25 PM, Karanbir Singh wrote:

> Dustin Krysak wrote:
>>> Wouldn't you need something to set the ip address of the adapter?  
>>> And the
>>> locale and language? These are prompted in text mode before the  
>>> vnc code is
>>> started.
>> That is a good point -- I was kind of wondering more about the  
>> network if anything.
> if you had looked at the url's posted earlier in this thread. by  
> both Matt and Johnny - these issues are clearly mentioned there :)
> - K

I have been reading them, and for example on this URL (http:// 
where it says:

" Installation via VNC, Kickstart, and yaboot"

They mention that the code example is for:

Have a Mac running yaboot, and don't want to ever visit it for a new  
installation? You can boot off the network, using VNC, by issuing  
such an entry in /etc/yaboot.conf:

Now looking at it now (after this thread has continued) I know  
realize it seems to be in the format that can be passed to the boot  

So assuming that is true it would be:

default linux
prompt 0
timeout 0
display boot.msg
F1 boot.msg
F2 options.msg
F3 general.msg
F4 param.msg
F5 rescue.msg
F7 snake.msg
label linux
kernel vmlinuz
append initrd=initrd.img ramdisk_size=8192 vnc  
vncconnect=pigdog.example.com headless ip=dhcp ksdevice=eth0   
method=cdrom lang=en_US keymap=us

I just did not find that example clear in the way they referenced it.