[CentOS] re: vsftp vs shell logins

Thu Feb 2 05:48:16 UTC 2006
Robert Hanson <roberth at abbacomm.net>

} Thanks for the input and helpful suggestions.  I prefer the solution that
} allows a FTP login without a shell.  A couple of you suggested I use
} something like
} /sbin/nologin
} and then FTP would work, but no shell would be allowed
} Actually, that is the first thing I tried, as nologin is my default shell
} when I add users.  I have to add /bin/bash to get vsftpd to accept the
} conection.
} So I checked /etc/shells and /sbin/nologin is there.  Apparantly that
} won't
} work.
} I have other services/users I might want to use with shells from time to
} time so I want the defalut to be "no shell unless I say so", not "get a
} shell unless I say no".  Preferably controlled at teh password file.
} So, I tried Alin Osan's suggstion of modifying the pam file, and that
} *did*
} work.
} Thank you very much Alin.  Much appreciated.  Scott

glad to hear you have a solution

ive found the best solution for me was to create a shell called


much more descriptive... you can get more creative than this to describe
account shells in a high volume environment

 - rh

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