SV: [CentOS] usernames with capitals

Thu Feb 2 08:46:08 UTC 2006
Claus Derlien <CD at>


I cant use an editor to mass update and change usernames as this  is a part of an automatic useradd routine
written in an ancient legacy application which calls useradd and usermod, we have been using this software for more than 15 years, so its hard for me to argue for a rewrite, so im forced to bend the OS instead

it isnt a problem on redhat 8.0, so somewhere in the patches for shadow utils. there must be a change to this behaviour..
up until now i have created the useradds with lower case and manually converted them to upper case

I am aware that it is a no no to use upper case usernames, but we have been doing it for years without problems so...

thanks for the answers so far

best regards 

claus derlien

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Emne: Re: [CentOS] usernames with capitals

On Wed, 2006-02-01 at 08:45, Barry Brimer wrote:
> > If it is just for a set of existing users, I'd add them in
> > lowercase, then edit
> > /etc/passwd
> > /etc/shadow
> > /etc/group
> > /etc/gshadow
> > and mv the /home/ directory to names you want (making sure
> > everything matches).
> You might choose to use vipw and vigr to edit the above files as well.
> If you use local mail spools, you will need to rename /var/spool/mail/user 
> to /var/spool/mail/USER

That's actually a different problem and a good reason by itself
not to ever use uppercase in a user login name.  Mailers on
unix-like systems usually want to lowercase the address. I've
always avoided doing this myself so I'm not sure about the
details or how to work around it.

  Les Mikesell
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