SV: [CentOS] usernames with capitals

Thu Feb 2 13:26:32 UTC 2006
Barry Brimer <barry.brimer at>

> I cant use an editor to mass update and change usernames as this  is a part of an automatic useradd routine
> written in an ancient legacy application which calls useradd and usermod, we have been using this software for more than 15 years, so its hard for me to argue for a rewrite, so im forced to bend the OS instead
> it isnt a problem on redhat 8.0, so somewhere in the patches for shadow utils. there must be a change to this behaviour..
> up until now i have created the useradds with lower case and manually converted them to upper case
> I am aware that it is a no no to use upper case usernames, but we have been doing it for years without problems so...

Have you considered replacing useradd and usermod with a wrapper script?