SV: SV: [CentOS] usernames with capitals

Thu Feb 2 15:12:05 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at>

Claus Derlien wrote:
> --NoDisclaim--

in which case, all your bases are belong to us :)

>>Anyway, just so that everyone knows - this is a known issue. Expect a 
>>fix in U7 CentOS-3, or move to CentOS-4.
> what does U7 means here ?

U7 = CentOS 3.7, due out end Feb / Early March. To Read more about what 
this means and how this relates to upstream, look a this :

>>There is specific policy in place that prevents Uppercase logins from 
>>being created.
> Sorry about my posting style.

no worries, apologies for appearing to be rude, and thanks for fixing 
the situation.

> I have fixed my problem by hacking shadow-4.0.3 so it now suits my needs.  :-) 
> Its not pretty but now it works, according 
> to my own policy :-)
> we have never had any problems with capital usernames, not even when we mail enabled the systems years ago.

this 'feature' was introduced in RH9 and carried over into EL3 ( 
therefore CentOS3 ). But its an acknowledged issue, due fixing.

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