[CentOS] postfix+sasl error logs

Thu Feb 2 15:36:18 UTC 2006
spart cus <linux_spartacus at yahoo.com>

--- Alexander Dalloz <ad+lists at uni-x.org> wrote:

> Am Do, den 02.02.2006 schrieb spart cus um 14:36:
> > yes i remembered installing cyrus-sasl-sql. my
> MECH=pam and my pwcheck_method: sasluthd. is
> > it ok to remove it ? i notice also that even i
> remove any block on mynetworks=  on postfix still
> they
> > can send/receive messages. supposed to be it
> cannot send due to the fact that its not on
> mynetworks
> > parameter. is this the doing of saslauthd ?
> Please do not top-post.
> Yes, it is safe to remove cyrus-sasl-sql in your
> case as you do not use
> the SASL auxprop sql plugin.
> I can not answer the second question. General
> advise: first check your
> logs, here the maillog. Then, if you can't answer
> the question your own
> and you feel to ask here on the list: provide
> details, especially log
> content which shows what you are asking about. The
> output of "postconf
> -n" may too show the cause of Postfix's behaviour.
> Alexander

Got it working now.Thanks for all the help. Im still
on studying sasl for postfix. Is it more secure to
limit the mech_list to just plain and login ? Im not
using TLS support for this. 


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