[CentOS] Unable to mount SMB drive

Fri Feb 3 03:13:31 UTC 2006
John Merritt <jmerritt at johnlyuba.mine.nu>

Benjamin Smith wrote:

>I have a Windows Server 2003 system I'm trying to back up to a Linux host. 
>when I access the share with smbclient, I can "see" the files (`ls` returns a 
>list of files, etc) 
>smbclient -U shareuser //server/sharename password 
>But, when I try to actually mount the drive, I get "permission denied" errors 
>trying to access the drive. (EG: using `df`) Running the following command 
>takes about 10 seconds: 
>smbmount //server/sharename /mnt/servername -o \
>I've also tried an alternate format: 
>mount -t smbfs -o username=USERNAME //server/sharename /mnt/servername 
>Same results both ways. I found a CentOS forum where somebody had problems 
>with the RPM package, but retrograding to the package(s) he recommends didn't 
>change anything. 
> http://www.centos.org/modules/newbb/viewtopic.php?topic_id=2307 
>I'm running the latest samba-client & samba-common on CentOS 4.2. SELinux is 
>in warn mode. Here's the /var/log/messages when I mount: 
>Feb  2 19:42:16 sol kernel: SELinux: initialized (dev smbfs, type smbfs), uses 
>Feb  2 19:42:16 sol kernel: smb_retry: no connection process
>Feb  2 19:42:46 sol kernel: smb_add_request: request [c554bee0, mid=0] timed 
>Feb  2 19:42:46 sol kernel: smb_delete_inode: could not close inode 2
>Feb  2 19:42:46 sol kernel: SELinux: initialized (dev smbfs, type smbfs), uses 
>Feb  2 19:42:46 sol mount.smbfs[21755]: [2006/02/02 19:42:46, 0] 
>Feb  2 19:42:46 sol mount.smbfs[21755]:   mount.smbfs: entering daemon mode 
>for service \\heliodorite.sunset.net\iissites, pid=21755
>Running with debug=8 didn't provide much that was helpful. Any ideas where to 
>go from here? 

mount -t smbfs -o username=USERNAME,password=PASSWORD //server/sharename /mnt/servername