[CentOS] Unable to mount SMB drive

Sat Feb 4 08:33:04 UTC 2006
ankush grover <ankushcentos at gmail.com>

On 2/3/06, Benjamin Smith <lists at benjamindsmith.com> wrote:
> I have a Windows Server 2003 system I'm trying to back up to a Linux host.
> when I access the share with smbclient, I can "see" the files (`ls`
> returns a
> list of files, etc)
> smbclient -U shareuser //server/sharename password
> But, when I try to actually mount the drive, I get "permission denied"
> errors
> trying to access the drive. (EG: using `df`) Running the following command
> takes about 10 seconds:
> smbmount //server/sharename /mnt/servername -o \
> credentials=/path/to/credentials,ro
> hey,

sometimes it is not possible to access windows 2003 shares with smbmount
command .

Try this command it works for me :

mount -t cifs -o username=valid_user  //windows2003machine/share name
/mnt/smb(linux mount point).


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