[CentOS] Moderating on IRC and/or the Mailing Lists

Sun Feb 5 00:20:18 UTC 2006
Steve Bergman <steve at rueb.com>

> > But as a relatively new
> > user of CentOS, I have been impressed with the overall quality of this
> > list.  The signal to noise ratio is high.  
> You are obviously VERY new around here :)

Well, I did ask a question a while back about software vs hardware RAID
and it did result in what I think of as the "RAID Wars" thread.

There was a fair amount of argument involved.  But the answers I got,
after I sifted through them, pointed me to an answer that has worked
well for me and for the customer on behalf of whom I was asking

So, as an end user asking for help, even that small flame war was
beneficial to me.  

That, in contrast to mailing list flame wars which *don't* do anyone any
good, reflects well on the quality of this list.

I apologize for the contributing to what could be considered to be a
rather off-topic thread.  But as things are unusually quiet today, it
seems harmless enough.

I guess that my point is that flame wars around here are worth as much
as what's considered to be constructive interaction on some higher
volume lists.