[CentOS] works best with centos 4+? CPanel or Plesk?

Sun Feb 5 22:21:55 UTC 2006
Jim Perrin <jperrin at gmail.com>

On 2/5/06, Dustin Krysak <mailinglists at backbonetechnology.com> wrote:
> Hi there i was wondering if anyone on this list has any comments on
> CPanel vs Plesk on Centos 4+? Looking for the one that best work with
> the "out of the box" RPMs for Centos.

Knee-jerk response I'd say "neither". The cpanel people seem to
generally be good folks, but I don't approve of how they handle
packages because.. well, they don't. They have you build custom cpanel
software such as mysql, apache etc, and they seem to be perpetually
behind the latest security updates with respect to what they do
support in the distro. If you decide to use cpanel, be prepared to be
told to ask them for help, because they don't use the distro supplied
software. I have no real opinion of plesk, because I've never used it,
nor have I heard of others using it.  The task of administration is
best left to admins, and best done from the command line (in my
opinion). With gui tools such as cpanel, webmin, and plesk you're only
able to configure the software as well as the person who wrote the gui
understands it and was able to script for.

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