[CentOS] Re: network trouble with asus P5LD2-VM board

Mon Feb 6 20:43:36 UTC 2006
Keith Morse <kgmorse at mpcu.com>

David M. Shirley wrote:
> I am trying to install centos 4.2 on an Asus P5LD2-VM and cannot for
> the life of me get networking to work.
> The installer does not see the onboard Gbit ethernet port nor can I
> configure at after installation.
> It gives no errors when I modprobe e1000 to insert the drivers but I
> cannot "ifup eth0" without getting a "device eth0 does not seem to be
> present, delaying initialization." error message.  (yes I have the
> ifcfg-eth0 file set up properly)
> What am I missing?

My guess would be the correct driver.  Is e1000 really the correct
module for the NIC?