[CentOS] How to add System V Filesystem to Centos?

Tue Feb 7 01:25:44 UTC 2006
Steve Bergman <steve at rueb.com>

On Mon, 2006-02-06 at 20:15 -0500, William L. Maltby wrote:

> I can't answer your question, but I would like to suggest an alternative
> that might be less work. Use cpio to make on output file and compress it
> onto floppy using the compress command, which I have checked also exists
> on CentOS (I *presume that your old UNIX doesn't have {b,g}zip. I see a
> reference also to pack, but it seems to be only man pages. Both of these
> compressions programs are very old and should be on your system.

For cpio, which does work well on SCO:

cd path_to_directory
find . | cpio -ocv | compress > /dev/rfd0135ds18

and then to extract under Centos:

cd path_to_where_you_want_to_extract
gunzip < /dev/floppy | cpio -idmvc

BTW, I don't think that multivolume archives work between SCO and Linux
for either cpio or tar.  They might work for cpio, but definitely not
with compression.

If it works and you need multivolume, you'd have to do:

find . | cpio -ocv -O/dev/rfd0135ds18

Also note (FWIW) that SCO's tar will silently fail to back up empty
directories and will not backup device files.