[CentOS] ftp access directory

Tue Feb 7 09:02:39 UTC 2006
Benjamin Smith <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

On Thursday 02 February 2006 08:39, Will McDonald wrote:
> You could consider ProFTPD instead. It's more flexible
> configuration-wise than vsftpd and I think was at one stage a standard
> part of older RH distros. 

I used ProFTPD on an *old* RedHat 7.x box. Since it wasn't part of the RPM 
database (we had to compile it to get it in) it didn't get updated, and we 
were subsequently cracked and used for a DDOS attack. 

I really, REALLY don't recommend installing any 'replacement' for software 
that comes with your distro - better to stick with stock and update 
everything in one fell swoop with yum! Any security benefit from a particular 
configuration will most likely be wiped out by the additional adminstrative 
headache. Make vsftpd work for you - I've not seen much that ProFTPd 
did /does that vsftpd isn't capable of - except that with vsftpd, you'll get 
security udates, etc for what, another 5 or 6 years? 


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