[CentOS] works best with centos 4+? CPanel or Plesk?

Tue Feb 7 10:54:29 UTC 2006
Karanbir Singh <mail-lists at karan.org>

lists wrote:
> Hey everyone... I have been going over the replies this morning, and I know there is a
> lot of opinion regarding what a sys admin should know and so on. The PRIMARY reason we
> are looking at these packages is not for our selves (the sys admins), but rather to
> offer an interface to hosted customers for some basic functions like adding mail users,

isnt this more of a reason why you would want to have a system in place 
that, alteast, lets you update the machines with security fix's as soon 
as they are available ? cPanel and Plesk both have major issues in this 
regard. Are you sure you want to leave control of major functions upto 
the users, on an unpatched machine - live on the internet ?

If its a question of managing email accounts, mysql db's etc you should 
mostly be ok with pretty much any system that works with config's and 
packages from the distro - that way you can use the update system 
included in CentOS ( Most of your security concerns will be the code 
that these users run on your machine, which - lets face it - no matter 
how you admin the box, they are going to run anyway ).

To illustrate my point ; what is the latest version of CentOS4  and 
CentOS3 supported by either cPanel or Plesk ? What is the present 
situation with the CVE's from the last few months on machines that run 
these systems.

Now would be a good time for someone with an @cpanel.com and @swsoft.com 
email address to join the thread.

- KB

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