[CentOS] When is update 3 coming out?

Wed Feb 8 16:55:39 UTC 2006
Deim Agoston <ago at lsc.hu>

Johnny Hughes wrote:

>You might try uninstalling the CentOS version of openoffice ... I am not
>having issues with openoffice 2.0.1, but I am not using wine on my PC
>(that would mean I was purposely running windows products on my
>workstation ... yikes).
maybe you don't have to use a GIS software which is only available as a
windows product. Or similar, lots of other should use win products
instead of free alternatives. What doesn't mean that free products
didn't compete with windows version or they didn't better but the key is
the expression "you have to" :) or must/to be to etc. :) Of course it's
not so funy when you have to.