[CentOS] Adding Bind to a workstation build

Wed Feb 8 21:11:26 UTC 2006
William Hooper <whooperhsd3 at earthlink.net>

Robert Moskowitz wrote:
>> Group: DNS Name Server
>> Required Groups:
>> Base
>> Mandatory Packages:
>> bind
>> Default Packages:
>> caching-nameserver
>> bind-chroot
>> # yum groupinstall "DNS Name Server"
>> Perhaps?
> looks like a winner.  Everything looks like it is there now.....

Unless you are planning for your bind server to be _only_ a caching
nameserver (i.e. it doesn't have any zones of it's own), don't install the
caching-nameserver RPM.  Doing so will cause your zone files to be
replaced every time the caching-nameserver RPM is updated.

William Hooper