[CentOS] Entry server hardware

Sun Feb 12 16:52:50 UTC 2006
Steve Bergman <steve at rueb.com>

Steve Bergman wrote:

> I have several machines with a Dell (LSI) ide RAID controller that LSI 
> just decided not to port from kernel 2.4 to 2.6.  Although it has now 
> been ported by the community, it has never really regained its status 
> a first class citizen.  It's possible to make it work, but every 
> kernel upgrade breaks it again.  My plan is to be rid of all of these 
> "unsupported" cards by next October and run software RAID on all my 
> machines.

Sorry to reply to myself, but my post suggested a question.  I have been 
planning on doing a clean install to move from hardware raid to 
software.  The plan is to move from Fedora 4 with hardware raid to 
CentOS 5 with software raid in September.  However, I suppose there is a 
way to move from a CERC 4ch/ATA100 comtroller using the old 
"megaraid.ko" module running RAID 1 with 2 drives, to software RAID 1, 
simply by moving the IDE cables and editing some config files.

Does anyone have a recipe handy?