[CentOS] nmap showing lots of ports open that shouldn't be

Sun Feb 12 21:58:39 UTC 2006
Venom User <Wubba at Vipershells.com>

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Subject: Re: [CentOS] nmap showing lots of ports open that shouldn't be

Thanks for the replies.

iptables -L shows the same thing after stopping and starting service  

I just did a minimal install of the OS. I've never messed with  
iptables. I only used lokkit to open up ports for ssh and http and  
dns. Does it make sense that my iptables -L looks like this?  
Obviously I have to learn about iptables for myself, and that will  
take some time - but should I be thinking that something nefarious  
happened here? Or is it just open everywhere because it is like that  
by default? (Doesn't seem right.)

Is it over reacting to pull the plug and start over?


	What boggles my mind is that there should be process's answering on all those ports 
for namp to respond Unless I am mistaken, As you has stated (Doesn't seem right.)

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