[CentOS] Disk Activity Monitor

Mon Feb 13 14:18:55 UTC 2006
Robert <kerplop at sbcglobal.net>

James Pifer wrote:

>I have a USB disk connected to a Poweredge server. The USB Disk is a Mad
>Dog MegaVault with a 160GB drive installed. It's all working fine, but
>the external LED on the unit is not working. 
>I'm currently running a script (yum-pull) for setting up a yum mirror
>and it sits for long periods of time seemingly doing nothing. I started
>the script this morning at 6:20 for my FC4 yum mirror and it's now 8:50
>and it's still running. A "top" shows very little activity from a CPU
>The guy who wrote the script says there's probably tons of disk activity
>going on. The script does continue to run because it will eventually
>finish. One might think the slowness is because it's a USB drive, but I
>can copy large amounts of data and do permission changes on files, at
>the same time this script is running, and it all happens quickly. 
>Guess I'm just trying to verify whether there really is a lot of disk
>activity going on. I tried looking at ksysguard, but wasn't very
>successful at seeing what I wanted. 
>I'm not sure I want to use yum-pull if it take 3 hours to run per
>mirror. Right now I'm mirroring FC4, but I also want to do Centos 4.0
>and 4.2, and maybe even Suse 9.2. 
>Are there any other disk activity monitors I should try? 
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If you're looking for a real-time graphical display, try GKrellm 
configured to show your USB drive's partition(s). This works fine in KDE 
as well as Gnome, BTW.