[CentOS] mail access list

Tue Feb 14 04:23:02 UTC 2006
Sam Drinkard <sam at wa4phy.net>

Thomas E Dukes wrote:

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>     *Sent:* Monday, February 13, 2006 10:56 PM
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>     *Subject:* [CentOS] mail access list
>     I just got through updating my /etc/mail/access file, adding about
>     20 more IP's that are sending spam/junk mail.  During the process,
>     I noticed I had some partial IP's in there, like 64.12.233 which
>     is what I wanted to block.  The IP did NOT however get blocked. 
>     From what I see, as long as I have a full ip address, they are
>     blocked, but the partial (16) is not.  Should it not work anyhow? 
>     Never had this problem before, and yes, I run a make on the file
>     after editing.
>     Sam  
>     Don't know, but is 64.12.233 a typo?  Should it be 64.12.233. 
>Just now looked close at your entry..  did not see the dot at the end.  No, as far as I know and as long as I've been using the access list to help block spam and junk, I've never had to use the dot at the end before.  Perhaps that has changed from previous versions of sendmail?  Guess its time to read a bit.