[CentOS] How can I disable sound?

Tue Feb 14 21:15:08 UTC 2006
Benjamin Smith <lists at benjamindsmith.com>

On Monday 13 February 2006 14:31, Kai Schaetzl wrote:
> I usually don't setup any GUI on my Linux systems. Yesterday I installed 
> with X and Gnome on a spare system for some testing and hit a problem. 
> Right after login the system freezes. The system froze already earlier 
> when I opted to test the sound card on the Welcome screen and when I login 
> with the alternative login choice xterm and shut down it freezes when 
> "saving mixer settings". So, I suspect there's some problem with the 
> onboard sound or with the driver that gets used from X. 
> How's the best way to cope with this? I don't really need sound, how to 
> disable (short of disabling it on the mainboard)?
> I already commented out the alsactl stuff in modprobe.conf, but this 
> doesn't change anything and the snd_* modules still get loaded. According 
> to modprobe it thinks it's Intel 8x0 while it is an nforce2 chipset. Well, 
> this may be okay for the kernel, I don't know. Can I disable using sound 
> for the X server or tell the kernel not to load any sound modules?

Disable the sound in the BIOS. Most any motherboard, even the really, really 
cheap ones will let you do this. I do this routinely on servers just to 
reduce the number of variables in administration.  (why would you want the 
sound ON in a server?) I also turn off serial/parallel/floppy ports, too, 
sometimes USB. 

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