[CentOS] After install centos does not find hardrives (SATA)

Wed Feb 15 23:25:03 UTC 2006
Will McDonald <wmcdonald at gmail.com>

On 15/02/06, Nathan <lists at netdigix.com> wrote:
> Hi we installed centos on a Intel server board with LSI rad (no raid configured
> for the lsi).  in Centos it sees both drives so we software raid them and the
> installation goes well and finishes properly.  The problem is when the server
> reboots it can no longer see the hard drives and no just boots to a low level
> diagnostic shell.  Any ideas?

Is the diagnostic shell single user mode? That would lead me to think
the kernel's bootstrapping to some extent at least and seeing the
disks otherwise where that shell coming from? Unless it's the grub

What does  ...

# fdisk -l

... list if it runs? Can you boot into rescue mode from an install CD,
does it find the installed OS and allow you to chroot into it? If not
does fdisk see the disks at this level?

If it's not getting further than greb then it's likely there's no
support for the disk controller in the initrd installed in boot but
there is in the one used off the CD.