[CentOS] jfs directory modification times in centosplus

Thu Feb 16 17:30:24 UTC 2006
James Fidell <james at cloud9.co.uk>

Replying to my own email.  I wrote:

> I'm running Centos 4.2 with kernel-2.6.9- and
> jfsutils-1.1.10-3.2 from the centosplus distribution, with a jfs
> partition for my maildir mail spool, accessed using the dovecot IMAP
> server. It seems that dovecot doesn't properly track new incoming email,
> apparently because the modification time on .../Maildir/new doesn't get
> updated when a new message is linked into it from .../Maildir/tmp.

It appears the problem is fixed in 2.6.15:


Looks like a simple change, so I may well try backporting it to
the current kernel myself when I can get organised enough.

Meantime a regular

   "find /mail -type d -name new -print | xargs touch"

(euwww :) appears to do the trick.