[CentOS] Http proxy set in yum.conf is not working for the new yum mirrorlist system

Fri Feb 17 13:32:19 UTC 2006
Radu Radutiu <rradutiu at gmail.com>

Johnny Hughes wrote:
> On Fri, 2006-02-17 at 14:37 +0200, Radu Radutiu wrote:
>> Hi,
>> It seems that the new update system does not consider the proxy option 
>> set yum.conf. After installing  centos-yumconf-4-4.4.noarch.rpm together 
>> with the new yum packages, I was no longer able to use yum. In my case 
>> HTTP access is allowed only through a proxy. The proxy URL is configured 
>> in yum.conf.
>> If I set the environment variable http_proxy from the shell I start yum, 
>> everything works.
>> If I comment out the mirrorlist lines in CentOS-Base.repo yum is working 
>> fine without setting http_proxy environment variable (using the proxy 
>> defined in yum.conf).
>> Anyone else seeing this or am I doing something wrong?
>> Regards,
>> Radu
> Try it with the 4-4.5 as it uses port 80 instead of port 81 ... which
> might make it better.
> To be honest, I don't know if the mirrorlist selects will use the proxy
> settings of yum or not.
I am using 4-4.5. The proxy only allows port 80 and it works if I set 
the http_proxy environment variable but not the yum.conf proxy 

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