[CentOS] After install centos does not find hardrives (SATA)

Fri Feb 17 16:29:33 UTC 2006
Nathan <lists at netdigix.com>

actually its dosnt even make it to Grub,  its the EMI menu on Intel servers... 
so I guess it cannot even find a proper boot device.. ill have to do more 
research on the issue.  if you have any ideas why that would also be great help.

thanks alot,

Quoting Aleksandar Milivojevic <alex at milivojevic.org>:

> Quoting Nathan <lists at netdigix.com>:
> > no its the prompt centos goes to when it cannot find anything to boot to.
> So it's the grub prompt most likely.  If it is, then your boot 
> partition is either too large and part of it falls outside of BIOS 
> addressable disk space (first 1024 cylinders), or is not positioned 
> inside BIOS addressable disk space (basically, same thing).  Grub can 
> access disk drives only using BIOS calls.  It needs to be able to 
> access files in /boot/grub directory, as well as kernel and initrd 
> images in /boot directory.  All those files *must* be in BIOS 
> addressable range, or booting will fail.  Fdisk will issue a warning 
> describing this for disks with more than 1024 cylinders.  
> Unfortunately, you won't get such warning during graphical install.  
> Grub isn't really verbose about this either (it just drops to CLI, 
> without telling user where the problem is).
> You can easily check if what I just described is the problem you are 
> having.  Boot from CD into rescue mode.  Invoke fdisk and print out 
> partition table.  The start and end cylinder of partition that holds 
> /boot directory must be bellow 1024.  If they are not, you are in 
> trouble.
> If this is the problem you are having, the easiest way is to reinstall 
> with above limitations in mind.  Common way of dealing with this BIOS 
> limitation is to create separate partition for /boot, and to make sure 
> entire partition used for /boot is inside first 1024 cylinders.  For 
> example, by making /boot be first partition on the disk, and having it 
> relatively small (100MB is more than enough for this partition).  This 
> is limitation of the BIOS, nothing to do with CentOS (any other 
> operating system).
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