[CentOS] OT: Local Mirror problems, wrong paths to RPMs with yum update

Fri Feb 17 18:34:25 UTC 2006
James Pifer <jep at obrien-pifer.com>

> When you run createrepo, it should find all the RPMS in the directory it
> is run in .... and in all directories under that .. if you run it from
> the updates directory (in your example) it should work OK if you point
> to repomirror/fedora/linux/4/i386/updates/ with your yum ... and it
> should find RPMS in packages/.
> If you want to point your yum to
> repomirror/fedora/linux/4/i386/updates/packages/  then you need to run
> createrepo from within the pacakages/ directory and the headers and
> repodata directories will be there instead of inside the updates
> directory.

That's interesting because I think that is they way I have it. The
headers and repodata are at the same level as packages all of which are
in the updates directory.

Here's the relevant section of the repo file. 

name=Fedora Linux $releasever - $basearch - updates

I'll try and run createrepo again and see if it makes any difference.